Silvestri Industrial Mixers

For nearly 40 years now, the Silvestri company, based in San Giorgio In Bosco, in the province of Padua, has been manufacturing and selling mixers for the oven-baked product industry, in particular biscuits, crackers and leavened products in general.


About us

SILVESTRI employs technicians specialized in mechanical engineering, pneumatics and hydraulics and places at the disposal of its customers all the experience and professionalism needed to find the right solutions to their requirements.

Our mixers have been marketed by various companies and installed in many different plants worldwide.

Many oven-baked product producers have been using our machines for over thirty years now. These machines have shown themselves to be strong and reliable and are renowned for their high standards of efficiency and finish accuracy.

Intarnational production

Our production range includes high-speed horizontal mixers for oven-baked products in general with dough volumes between 150 and 2,000 litres and vertical mixers designed specifically for crackers with dough capacities between 900 and 1,200 litres.

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Via dell'Artigianato 16

35010 San Giorgio in Bosco (PD)

Telefono +39 049 9450515


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